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What or Who Might Disrupt Your Business: Part 3



By Donald Cooper
  This is part 3 of an important discussion about how significant changes can affect your business or even put you out of business. In the last two articles, we discussed six significant categories of change: disruptive technologies, inventions, products, services, business processes, pricing and marketing. Hopefully, you and your team took the time to discuss these threats and/or opportunities. The following will point out a few more areas of change that can affect your dealership. Once again, it is strongly suggested that each of them​ be addressed, because they might create threats or offer opportunities.

What or who might disrupt your industry, market, or business in the next three, five or 10 years? Will you be the innovative disruptor or the victim of disruption?

Every industry, including yours, is being transformed and disrupted by technology, innovative new business models, lower priced competitors, global economics, and sometimes, by fundamental changes in societal values. Will you be the innovative disruptor or will you be the victim of disruption?

So exactly what is disruption? According to the Webster dictionary, disruption is the process of interrupting the normal progress or activity of something. In business terms, disruption is anything that makes doing business the same old way unproductive, irrelevant or unprofitable. Currently, disruption is the fashionable word for change.      

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