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Leadership Choices Determine Company Culture


By Otto Papasadero, NARDA Executive Director

The success of a business is certainly affected by competitive, economic and political conditions, as well as consumer confidence. But one factor for the success or failure of a business remains constant: to maximize the opportunities to grow or maintain a business, it is essential for a company to have exceptional leadership.

In most small and medium-sized businesses, the leader is often the owner, but leadership should not stop with that person. The most successful and long-lasting companies are those that gather and train staff and family members to be leaders in their own respective positions. Great leaders must have the ability to create more team members with exceptional leadership qualities. The following will describe the importance of leadership and what is required to be an effective leader:

“A real Leader is someone that you would follow to places that you would not go yourself.”

All leaders have a theme. They quickly become predictable to the organization. They become predicable because their people have their choices and actions as visual examples. If their words and deeds don't match, the real truth is in their deeds. People will quickly forget about what you say and pay attention only to your deeds and actions. To create a leadership theme, all you have to do is show up. Walk in the door, do anything and say anything, and you will leave interpretation and consequences in your wake.

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RRetailers, Servicers, Suppliers: A Call for Industry Participation

For more than 75 years, the North American Retail Dealers Association has been the voice of independent appliance, electronics, bedding and furniture retailers. Through education, representation and a host of benefits, NARDA has worked diligently for all retailers.

Here’s how you can help both the industry and your own enterprise: NARDA is now moving forward into new areas and seeks volunteers that can give an hour or less each month to help guide the association. Please indicate your interest and you will be contacted and given more information.

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NARDA also is asking you to identify the areas in which it can assist you and your business. Whether it is legislation, education, legal services, publications, repair service or cloud-based services, please indicate which issues are most important to you. The very best suggestions will receive a $100 gift card.

Please express your willingness to volunteer and suggestions to

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