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NARDA's mission is to provide the power of knowledge to independent retailers and servicers through progressive education, information and services, with friendly and prompt service.

Our History

Founded 1943 as the National Electrical Retailers Association (NERA) to promote appliance manufacturing when war production took precedence, the Association championed the cause of independent retailers through legislative advocacy and by providing essential business services.

The Association became known as the National Appliance and Radio Dealers Association (NARDA) in 1948, and its members began selling what then was an expensive novelty, television sets, when demand for them skyrocketed in the early 1950s.

In 1974, the Association's name was changed to the National Association of Retail Dealers of America and to the current North American Retail Dealers Association (NARDA) in 1993.

Our Members

The North American Retail Dealers Association (NARDA), a not-for-profit trade association has members throughout North, Central and South America. Our members are independent retailers and servicers, who sell/service kitchen and laundry appliances, sewing machines, consumer home electronics, furniture and computers. Manufacturers, suppliers and vendors may join NARDA as Associate, Affiliate, or Allied members.

Our retail members...

  • Operate over 3,500 store fronts and account for over $11 billion in sales
  • Sell by product category
    • 65.7%
    • Appliances

    • 42.3% Electronics

    • 11.3% Furniture

    • 7.9% Mobile Equipment

    • 7.5% Sewing Equipment & Accessories

    • 4.2% Computers & Accessorie
  • 48 of the top 100 dealers of appliances/electronics are NARDA members

  • 75.8% are service providers

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