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capital.jpgNARDA monitors legislative and regulatory activity at the national and state levels, and as a member of several coalitions, works on behalf of retail and service members:

Certified Service Center (CSC): Certifies service centers to qualify for more business.WEBSITE

Consumer Electronics Retailers Coalition (CERC): Creates a level playing field to sell consumer electronics equipment.WEBSITE

Major Appliance Service Coalition (MASC): Reduces administrative burdens and costs of warranty claims processing.

National Coalition for Electronics Education (NCEE): Develops skill standards and course outlines for teaching electronics service.WEBSITE

National Retail Federation (NRF): Monitors and lobbies on general business and retail-specific legislation affecting retailers. WEBSITE

Independent Business Forum (IBF): A network of  trade associations and other organizations that represent independent retail businesses providing information exchange and co-development of programs to help their members.


“NARDA never turns its back on a legislative issue that needs to be addressed. Any issue that comes up with dealers, NARDA represents their interests effectively in Washington.”  Itchy Popkin, Furniture Fair, Jacksonville, NC

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