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National Coalition for Electronics Education (NCEE)

The goals of the NCEE are to encourage electronics and appliance service as a profession; to align industry requirements with educational courses; and to provide superior world class service to the public and the country. NCEE membership is open to a wide variety of stakeholders in the electronics and appliance industries, as well as educational and professional organizations. NARDA is an active member of the NCEE.


NCEE develops Skills Standards and Competencies and many of the NCEE participants are also active in promoting the concept of Certified Service Centers (CSC). NCEE works to provide competencies which define the certified workers in CSC Service Departments.

NCEE works to encourage:

  • Students to consider electronic and appliance service as a vocation.
  • Primary, secondary and post secondary educational institutions to enhance and enlarge their technical training courses.
  • Schools to lead students into the electronic and appliance service and engineering industries so that CSC shops, as well as any other service businesses, have access to competent professional technicians. Both the CSC and NCEE programs are providing a better future for service businesses, educational institutions, individual technicians and the public.

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