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The Original Blue Book - Major Appliance Job Rate Guide was written and developed by Dean Landers. Mr. Landers wanted more options and features for his original product so he partnered with Service Company Solutions to create a more functional product. By combining the "Blue Book" with the innovative MPH engine, we have been able to create a more comprehensive "Blue Book". This new book includes both standard and premium appliances and has a more extensive listing of product codes and always up-to-date parts integration.

The book is only $149.95 and includes both standard and premium brands.

Shipping & Handling Fee-$12.00/Book

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What's different you may ask?

This interactive internet based product has always up-to-date information.

The MyPartsHelp (MPH) engine behind the book constantly updates and the online version as well as driving the data behind the printed version. No longer will you be looking at books that are out of date and obsolete as soon as they are printed.

This product costs 65% less than its predecessor!

New Features:

Fully integrated with MPH( so even the part pricing is automatically updated every time you look up a job rate.

You have the ability to add your own job codes and customize the book based on your companies cost of doing business. You can order the national edition or your own custom printed books that are shipped directly to you. The Blue Book combines both the standard and premium appliances in one easy to use and understand book.

Would you like more information on the Blue Book or on MyPartsHelp? Attend one of our free webinars.

Webinar information is available here.

The online product version of the "Blue Book" is currently in development. More information will be available soon.

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